Chic Home Vibes

Physics has taught us that everything is constantly in vibration due to gravitational and electromagnetic forces.  But, you didn't come here for a science lesson and I'm not a physics expert.  I am, however, a home decor "enthusiast" seeking to help you "raise the vibration" in your home.  The best way to change the chi/energy/aura of a space is to change the environment!  

"Good Vibes Only"

From a simple couch position change to painting a room an entirely different color, changing your home decor & furnishings is exactly how to do it.  Another way to promote "good vibes only" in your home environment is to clean it up!  Chic Home Vibes was started by a housekeeper.  After a decade of cleaning hundreds of houses, I've picked up a thing or two about how to create a unique "vibe" in our homes.  

Happy Accident

I get to clean these stunningly lavish homes decorated by fabulous interior designers.  Over the years I could not help but become obsessed with home decor. I am on the front lines every day seeing the trends and exactly the way everything comes together.  I've learned a lot about how to decorate a home and create the exact vibe a client is seeking.  Now, I get to actually pick out fabulous home decor pieces and offer them to the world! Pinch me! 

Dream Come True

Throughout my days I wear many hats! I am a mother to three beautiful children, a housekeeper to pay the bills, and a college student.  Next to watching my children learn and grow into these intelligent loving individuals, picking chic home decor and running this small business gives me life!
I am so grateful to have the amazing opportunity to partner with fabulous trustworthy manufacturers to offer vibe-raising, Fung Shui-perfecting home decor to anyone.  Plus, because it's the right thing to do 10% of all profits is being donated to Habitat for Humanity.  To assist in their mission of making the dream of having a home a reality for so many worthy people! 
Thank you for being here!  My family and I are extremely appreciative of every person who chooses to support this #MomOwnedBusiness! 
Love, Jess