About Us

Physics has taught us that everything is constantly in motion due to gravitational and electromagnetic forces.  But, you didn't come here for a science lesson and we're not physics experts.  We are, however, home decor "enthusiasts" seeking to help you "raise the vibration" in your home.  Coincidentally, or not so accidentally, the best way to change the chi/energy/aura of a place is to change the environment!  

"Good Vibes Only"

From a simple couch position change to painting a room an entirely different color, changing your home decor & furnishings is exactly how to do it.  Another way to promote "good vibes only" in your home environment is to clean it up!  Chic Home Vibes was started by a housekeeper.  After a decade of cleaning hundreds of houses, Jess picked up a thing or two about how to create a unique vibe in our homes.  

Happy Accident

A "happy accident", Chic Home Vibes began as a passion project, a creative outlet, if you will.  The owner of Chic Home Vibes, LLC is a housekeeper and mother of three kids who are crazy, rambunctious, and kind-hearted (of course).  Obsessed with home decor, Jess found herself offering ideas & advice for "sprucing up the place", constantly making suggestions, and spending more & more time searching for ways to enhance our homes! 

Dream Come True

Now a "dream come true", Chic Home Vibes has been given the amazing opportunity to partner with fabulous, reliable, & trustworthy manufacturers to offer vibe-raising, Fung Shui-perfecting home decor to anyone.  Plus, because it's the right thing to do 10% of all profits will be donated to Habitat for Humanity.  To assist in their mission of making the dream of having a home, a reality for those who need it most. 
Thank you for being here. Please reach out for any reason, we are happy to help.
"Keep your vibes high!" ~Jess