Freelance SEO Services

Photo of Jessica R Freelance SEO Specialist
Hello and Welcome!

I am Jessica, Freelance SEO Specialist

As a Freelance SEO Specialist, I am dedicated to guiding small and new businesses, particularly those operating on the Shopify platform, towards achieving prominent visibility on Google's first page. My expertise encompasses a comprehensive suite of SEO strategies tailored for new and small businesses.

My suite of SEO services includes; Keyword Research, On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, including effective Backlink building, I craft SEO-enhanced Product Descriptions and Blog/Content Writing. My role extends beyond just implementing strategies; I aim to teach my clients as well. 

I am deeply committed to empowering my clients with knowledge and skills, adopting the philosophy of 'teaching a man to fish.' By guiding small business owners I focus on imparting the expertise necessary for them to manage their SEO endeavors independently. 

Owning a business without a deep understanding of its workings is like trying to sail a ship without knowing how to navigate the seas. You may have the finest vessel, equipped with all the modern amenities, and even hire the best crew to man it. However, if you, as the captain, lack the knowledge of navigation, sea currents, and weather patterns, your ship is likely to drift aimlessly or, worse, end up back ashore.