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Gerri Dot Box Set of 2 Currey and Company

Gerri Dot Box Set of 2 Currey and Company

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The Gerri Dot Set of 2

The Gerri Dot Set of 2 by Currey and Company brings a touch of sophistication and modern elegance to any space. These exquisite boxes are adorned with mother-of-pearl dots, creating a captivating visual texture.

Most importantly, perfect for both functionality and decoration, the Gerri Dot Set is an impeccable choice for those looking to add a luxurious touch to their interiors. Currently available for pre-order, these boxes are a must-have for any stylish home.

Gerri Dot Set of 2 Currey and Company

Firstly, this set of two decorative boxes are designed to elevate the aesthetic of any room. Secondly, the intricate mother-of-pearl detailing makes these boxes not only practical storage solutions but also stunning pieces of art. Certainly, the Gerri Dot Set is ideal for those who appreciate fine craftsmanship and elegant design.

Gerri Dot Set of 2

Gerri Dot Set of 2 Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 3.5"h x 12"w x 9"d (Large Box), 2.5"h x 9.5"w x 6.5"d (Small Box)
  • Item Weight: 4.5 lbs. (Large Box), 3 lbs. (Small Box)
  • Finish: Mother of Pearl
  • Material: Composite/Mother of Pearl
  • Floor Protection: Felt
  • Shipping Method: Parcel
  • Shipping Weight: 9 lbs.
  • Number of Boxes: 1
  • Brand: Currey and Company 

Maintenance & Care: Wipe clean with a soft, dry cloth. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners to preserve the finish.

Why the Gerri Dot Set of 2 is a Must-Have

These decorative boxes are perfect for aficionados of elegant and modern decor. More than just storage solutions, the Gerri Dot Set of 2 is a testament to artistic mastery and contemporary style. The mother-of-pearl inlay adds a luxurious touch, making these boxes a captivating feature in any room.

Designed with a profound appreciation for artistic excellence, these boxes combine elegance with practicality. Whether used to store small items or as decorative pieces, they resonate with charm and sophistication.

Get Yours Today at

Add a touch of luxury to your decor with the Gerri Dot Set of 2. These boxes offer both the elegance of high-quality craftsmanship and the functionality of practical storage solutions. Shop now at and pre-order your set today. Discover how these exquisite boxes can elevate the aesthetic of your living space.

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