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Uma Mother of Pearl Round Mirror Currey and Company

Uma Mother of Pearl Round Mirror Currey and Company

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Uma Mother of Pearl Round Mirror

The Uma Mother of Pearl Round Mirror by Currey and Company is a stunning piece that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space. The frame of this mirror is meticulously covered in a random pattern of mother-of-pearl, creating a lively textural feel with its natural neutral colors. Certainly, the crisp ivories and pale tans intermingled throughout the frame provide a captivating visual appeal.

Firstly, this white decorative mirror features a beveled edge, and the mother-of-pearl detail wraps around to the outside edge of the frame, showcasing the tremendous amount of handwork involved in its creation. Secondly, designed for versatility, this mirror includes a pair of hanging cleats, allowing it to be hung vertically or horizontally. Thirdly, Perfect for those who appreciate fine craftsmanship and luxurious design, the Uma Mother of Pearl Mirror.

Uma Mother of Pearl Round Mirror Currey and Company

Certainly, this decorative mirror is designed to elevate the aesthetic of any room. Above all, this intricate mother-of-pearl detailing makes this mirror not only a functional piece but also a stunning piece of art. The Uma Mother of Pearl Mirror is ideal for those who appreciate luxurious and sophisticated home decor.

Round Mirror

In short, experience the allure of high-quality craftsmanship with the Uma Mother of Pearl Mirror, available at In conclusion, this mirror, with its beautiful mother-of-pearl inlay, is perfect for adding a touch of glamour to your home decor.

Uma Mother of Pearl Mirror Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 38"dia. x 1"d
  • Item Weight: 32 lbs.
  • Finish: Natural/White/Mirror
  • Material: Mother of Pearl/Engineered Wood/Glass
  • Floor Protection: Felt
  • Shipping Method: Motor Freight (MF)
  • Shipping Weight: 56 lbs.
  • Number of Boxes: 1

Maintenance & Care: Wipe clean with a soft, dry cloth. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners to preserve the finish.

Why the Uma Mother of Pearl Mirror is a Must-Have

This mirror is perfect for aficionados of elegant and modern decor. More than just a reflective surface, the Uma Mother of Pearl Mirror is a testament to artistic mastery and contemporary style. The mother-of-pearl inlay adds a luxurious touch, making this mirror a captivating feature in any room.

Designed with a profound appreciation for artistic excellence, this mirror combines elegance with practicality. Whether used to enhance a living space or as a decorative piece, it resonates with charm and sophistication.

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Add a touch of luxury to your decor with the Uma Mother of Pearl Mirror. This mirror offers both the elegance of high-quality craftsmanship and the functionality of practical design. Shop now at and pre-order your mirror today. Discover how this exquisite mirror can elevate the aesthetic of your living space.

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